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ECOBOLT Water Systems’ enhanced electro-oxidation technology is proven to destroy PFAS in addition to BOD, COD, ammonia, nitrates, pesticides, arsenic, PCB’s, endocrine disruptors and other contaminants.


Technology Capabilities

Electro-oxidation is effective on high and low TDS and therefore
can treat a broad make-up of water conditions.

  • Kills bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites

  • Oxidizes heavy metals including lead, arsenic, pesticides, pharmaceutical substrates, hormones and other carcinogenic elements

  • Breaks down and eliminates both organic and inorganic contaminants

  • Neutralizes foul odor: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane

  • Reduces scale formation, bio-films algae, and improves water color

  • Eliminates volatile and semi-volatile hydrocarbons

  • Replenishes dissolved oxygen

  • Reduces BOD, COD, TOC


Our Technology

The EcoBolt system uses an enhanced electro-oxidation technology that builds on eleven years of proven success using a chemical free patented electro-oxidation technology which has been effectively used in various sectors including oil and gas, cooling towers, agriculture, and mining. 

Electro-oxidation is key to the sustainable destruction of PFAS in water

  • destroys PFAS molecules so there is no transfer of PFAS to other media, thereby eliminating costs for media purchase, transport, disposal or regeneration

  • uses no chemicals, produces no sludge, and the absence of filter media eliminates costly disposal

  • offers easy scalability

PFAS contaminated water treated with the EcoBolt system has shown up to 99% successful destruction. All testing is done by an EPA certified lab.

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