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A Scalable Solution for Industrial Wastewater

Why EcoBolt

ECOBOLT Water Systems innovative water treatment technology specifically designed to address the needs of real world industrial clients, has refined its flexible response capabilities to include innovative mobile "detox" units. These units are available for rapid deployment to any site where government, communities or corporations are dealing with the health hazards presented by "forever chemicals" and most other contaminants. The units are easily integrated into existing wastewater and industrial water treatment plants, scalable to any size and design.​

EcoBolt system, a patented electro-oxidation technology,  has honed its capabilities to combat the full spectrum of waterborne contaminants. It has proven highly effective in destroying PFAS and all of its byproducts, 1,4 Dioxane, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants with no toxic byproducts or need for further remediation, removal or destruction. 

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Contaminated Water Source

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